Modifications Log start

Date: 02/09/2008

When the car was purchased some modifications were already present from the previous owner.
Miltek Turbo Back exhaust This exhaust has a nice sound that is not ricey nor too loud. I will be keeping it on the car.
Carbonio cold air intake Normally I wouldn’t add something like the Carbonio since its so much money because its carbon fiber but since its already there I will be keeping it.
APR Performance chip The car came chipped but its unknown which company, i know with my old drive by cable car I could just open the ECU and take a look since it is soldered on. With these drive by wire applications everything is flash loaded and designed to be not detected by the dealer. I have a feeling as to where it was done based on the carfax report of the car, maybe they will have a record of my vin.
Window Tint 35% again not something I would normally do but hey its there might as well keep it.