Vagcom – Removed seatbelt chime, DRL’s, and enabled fob window controls

Date:  02/21/2008

While playing with my newly acquired vagcom I made a few changes to my car. First and most importantly I removed the awful seatbelt chime. This thing has annoyed me since day one and I was very happy too see it go.

The next thing I disabled was the daytime running lights. The biggest reason was to try and extend the life of the xenon bulbs my car uses, those things are expensive!

And finally I enabled the ability to roll up and down my windows with my keyfob. This was a change I also made to my A4 too when I had it. Comes in handy during the summer when your car is hot and you want to air it out before getting in. Also handy for when you leave you windows down and realize it when you already started walking away.