Oil Change/Learning the engine

Mileage: 59,452

Date: 02/24/2008

Parts Involved: Filter/w rubber ring, Royal Purple 10w30 oil, 36mm socket, Oil filter drain tool, catch pan, floor jack

Work Done: This was my first oil change on this car, after looking around and finally finding the oil filter (Lol I was looking from the top like on my old 1.8t) it was really simple, more so than the 1.8t. Both the drain plug on the oil pan and the oil filter are a little more than a foot between each other under the engine. This made quick and easy work of the job despite me not having everything I needed.

I had to go out an purchase something to get off the plastic (VW what the @#*% were you thinking?) oil filter shroud without breaking it. I ended up getting a 36mm socket that is more commonly used for wheels on other cars. This thing was huge by far the biggest socket I own now.

I purchased a bit ago with the filters a tap that screws onto the oil filter shroud before you remove it to drain the oil. This was great and I didn’t get a single drop of oil in the garage unlike the 1.8t which ran all down the side of the engine and avoided my catch pan. Once drained I took off the filter shroud with the 36mm socket and replaced the filter and rubber ring that came with the filter.

Next was the drain plug on the oil pan, removed this which had to of been done before by some form of air tool. I replaced it with a magnetic drain plug to catch small metal filings. I had this plug also on the 1.8t and it always had little things each oil change.

Now that the oil was drained I replaced the plug and added the oil. Since this was my first time on this engine I added 4 quarts and then started her up and let it idle for a while. Then I took a reading on the dipstick, and repeated. It basically needs 5 quarts each time, next time I wont have to test it.

Thats it, its not too hard and next time when its warmer out I will take pictures. I did spend a lot of time checking out the engine layout and familiarizing myself with it.

Time Spent: 03:00