New rubber

Mileage: 61,840
Date: 04/19/2008

Parts Involved: GoodYear Eagle F1 All seasons

Work Done: I sadly dont have to tools to replace tires so I brought it to Yarrowsport in RI to do it. They had their tire day which was $60 for 17′ and low tires mounted and balanced. I had never been there before only read praise on vwvortex and it was great! Their waiting room has all sorts of cleaned up and displayed parts and engines along with glass displays showing their products. Its really clean and welcoming. While waiting the owner threw in videos for us to watch while we lounged on the couch, truly impressive.

He kept checking back every once in a while to make sure everything was good or if we wanted a different movie. He later checked back saying one of my rim was a bit warped but not bad enough to not be balanced. He more just wanted to let me know and marked the tire accordingly. In the end a wonderful experience and will definitely go back again.

The Goodyear F1 all seasons are just amazing over the stock tires! The esp doesn’t kick in half as much since they are actually gripping and no more bucking either! Road noise has been reduced and ride comfort too! So far I am extremely pleased with them.

Time Spent: 01:45