Oil Change/Spark Plugs

Mileage: 62,052
Date:  05/03/2008

Parts Involved: Filter/w rubber ring, Castrol Syntech 5w40 oil, Spark Plugs

Work Done: Oil change went as normal without a hitch. The spark plugs were kinda interesting and I was glad I had the Bentley for this one. In short after removing the cover and disconnecting the wiring harnesses to the coil packs I was dumbfounded on how to remove them. There were no screws holding them down and nothing really to grip them and take them out.

After referencing the Bentley I found the dealer uses a special tool to grip the outer side of the could packs where some notches are and pull them straight out. They are in their good because of some rubber grommets so just using hands may not work. I ended up taking two flat head screw divers on their side in the notches are and levering them up. Took some time and effort but it worked.

The plugs them selfs are down pretty deep and only thin wall sockets will work. I used a rubber tube to grab the top of the spark plug after I loosened them to pull them out since the spark plug cavity was very deep and narrow.

Time Spent: 02:00