APR software update

Mileage: 62,010
Date: 05/09/2008

Work Done: I went down to Yarrowsport to have my software updated to the latest version. I wanted a few of the TSB’s VAG has released recently addressed and the software transfered from the previous owners name to my own. Come to find out the tune I had before was not an APR like I originally thought so it was more like getting reflashed than updated. Not sure which tune I had but the APR 93oct profile I have now is significantly better than what I had before. It hold boost about 2-3 PSI higher and hold it longer, acceleration is also much smoother and less jerky than the old software. I am very pleased.

Yarrowsport again treated me very well and I will continue to go back to them for work I am unable to preform myself.

Time Spent: 01:00