Waterfest is coming!

Waterfest which is the largest Volkswagen and Audi event in the US will be July 19th and 20th. I sadly missed last years but this year is already booked and I cant wait! My friends and I have our hotel reserved in and time off from work has been requested for months.

Last time I went was in my A4, this time it will be the GLI. Probably my favorite part of this event is seeing what average joe does to their Dub or Audi. Don’t get me wrong I love the tuner shop and show cars but I like the more realistic ones the best.

I also plan on getting either Eibach Pro Kit or H&R Sport spring at the show. Vendors normally have some pretty crazy deals so hopefully I can get them for cheap. I am just going for sport springs due to the fact that this car is my daily driver and I do live in Mass which the road are littered with pot holes.

You can read more about Waterfest here: http://www.waterfest.net/