Guide: How to replace the MKV pollen\cabin filter

One day I noticed that my air conditioning started smelling when it was on during the summer time. After reading on forums I found the reason for this is most likely my pollen\cabin filter. After replacing the filter I found that the smell is now gone. Here is how to find and replace the MKV pollen\cabin filter.

The pollen\cabin filter in the MKV is located on the passenger side, under and behind the glove box. This guide works for the Jetta, Rabbit, GLI and GTI MKV’s, the pictures taken are from a 2006 GLI. Here is the part number “1K1 819 653 A” for my filter. If at any time you need full sized pictures you can click on it and a larger one will pop up.

1. First you will need to take off the foam like plate under and behind the glove box as shown in the picture below. There will be two black plastic screws you will need to take off first.
2. Once the screws are off its very easy to just pull down. The cover is flexible but is still foam so be gentle.


3. Slide the rectangular cover pictured below to the passenger side. It will then come off easily.


4. Pull down the old filter. Be careful debris may come down with it, so plan on vacuuming your car after.


5. Replace the filter and reverse the process, easy huh?

Here is a picture of what my dirty filter looked like:


This is definitely a task anyone can do themselves.

Now enjoy the fresh air!