AC compressor go boom, and more!

When my AC started only blowing warm air I had a feeling the compressor was gone because of TSB and other reports of it by users on VWVortex. I had purchased a third party warranty just for this occasion with higher cost items going.

Now im the type of guy who doesn’t mind doing the work but some of these items are pretty expensive and that’s where I use the warranty.

Anyways so I brought it into my local vw dealership (VW Gallery in Norwood, MA, which I have had nothing but great experiences with) and after their initial look they informed me that I was correct and they “found compressor blew up”. This happened to take out my ac condenser and expansion valve while it was at it, how nice.

End cost including labor, and parts $2475.92. Covered by third party warranty? $1175

The third party warranty only covers the AC compressor and $75 of the $100/hr labor charge dealing with the compressor. The labor I can understand and don’t mind paying that but compressor covered under warranty took out the condenser and expansion valve, that’s what angers me. The dealer tried arguing with the warranty company on two separate occasions and to two different managers. I obviously denied the work and am looking at two options.

My first step is fight it out with the third party warranty company threatening to post on forums about the issue, notifying the location I purchased the warranty from of my situation and suggest they stop using them and reporting them to the BBB.

My second option is to buy the parts and do the work myself. I have done the timing belt and a turbo upgrade on my 1.8t so im pretty sure I can do this on my MKV. If I do end up going this route I will try and get a decent guide up for you all.

I am going to be making the call to the warranty company mid next week once I have all my facts in order. I am also in the process of pricing out all the parts needed. So far I have found decent prices on where I found third party condenser for $145.83 and compressor $308.24. I have yet to find the expansion valve. I may have to go to the dealer for that one.

I will update as the issue evolves.

Update 1:

What I have decided to do is go through a third party garage that is willing to allow me to supply my own condenser and have them get the compressor and expansion valve and be reimbursed by the warranty company. I have two garages willing to do this so far and am awaiting quotes on the job now.

Between supplying some parts and the cheaper labor rate I should be able to cut a significant amount of the cost.

The reason I am not doing this myself is that I cant get reimbursed for the compressor and expansion valve as I am not a certified mechanic and I would have to bring it it anyways for the fluid flush and fill as I dont have the tools for this. More will be added once I get a quote and the job completed.