Painting new emblems front and rear

When browsing forums I saw some members were painting their emblems different colors, even multiple tones. Some of these really inspired me so I purchased two non-chromed emblems for the front and rear to start with. This saves a lot of time attempting to strip the chrome paint off before you can prime, paint, and clear coat. This also gives me the ability to switch back if it doesn’t turn out well.

I loved seeing the inside of the emblems being red to match the red stripe the MKV GTI and GLI grills have. For the face I am going with charcoal which is the closest I could find to match my anthracite wheels.

Here are some pictures I took during the processes.


Here is the rear primed emblem and painters tape which I will need to use since I picked two colors.


This is the rear emblem after it had been primed, painted red, masked up and painted charcoal.


Here isĀ  the rear emblem after I removed the masking tape. Its not perfect, there is a small smudge after I found a hair on it while painting but not bad for my first try.


This is the frony emblem masked up, this one was significantly easier to do.


Here is the front emblem which I am pretty proud of.


And here is it on the car, turned out pretty good.