Oil change, DSG fluid, revert intake and Cam follower

I purchased a few things for today’s work.

Standard oil change today. *sigh* last one i will be able to do. No more parents driveway to work on and my apartment and future apartment don’t allow it.

DSG fluid change is recommended every 40k miles, mine over due due.  You can see the procedure for this here: https://carworklog.com/stuff/DSG_40K_Service.pdf The biggest tip I can give that the guide doesn’t mention is make sure you hold the bottle horizontal when filling it. This way the oil doesn’t come out the breather vent. r. The oil that came out look great but when all was done the shifting was noticeably better. Do not skip this maintenance is it worth it.

I had to uninstall the Evoms intake and throw back in the stock cover and Carbonio intake. It pains me to do this as I loved the Evoms but im moving to Cali and its laws don’t allow this intake. I may have to even remove the Carbonio but I need to do more research first.

The last is replacement cam follower. I didnt know if it needed to be replaced or not but its a common thing that goes on the FSI engines and im approching 75k fast. I have to pull off the high pressure fuel pump to check it so why not replace it while im at it. I purchased this from the dealer. Part# 06D 109 309 C My FSI pump did not have a bleader valve like most so pulling the fuse and  running the engine a few times was the best I could do. The came looked in excelent condition for being 73k so the previouse owner must of replaced it at some point.
This was all I got done today but I have tons I still want to do. Find that boost leak I have, re-run my boost gauge line with new tube I have, and most importantly remove my tint. The tint is most important due to the fact that it wont pass inspection in Cali with it.