Boost leak progress

Since the new gauge was installed today i can get real actual reading now for troubleshooting. I hooked up the vagcom and recorded block 115 which has specified and actual boost, imported it into excel and created a graph.

The car is requesting (specified) up to 15 PSI but it only makes up to 10PSI(actual). You should also notice everything is extremely delayed, this means it is leaking as it gains boost.  Since  my gauge and actual reading are the same I do have a leak. The car has passed a smoke boost leak test and I have replaced the DV with a G version recently this means its most likely an internal leak, that blasted PCV system again.

To resolve this PCV system failure once and for all im going to order the BSH PCV fix.

I will thankfully be able to install this in the parking lot so it will only cost me parts and shipping.