Installed BSH PCV Revamp, removed Eurojet PCV fix

After finding out my PCV system was shot even with the Eurojet PCV fix I decided to ditch this option all together and get the BSH PCV Revamp.

It very well could of been broken even before I installed the Eurojet PCV but I needed to spend a similar amount anyways of PCV valves so I just went for the BSH fix.

The fix arrived today and I installed it right when I got home from work. Let me say this is really easy and anyone can install it (as long as you can get the engine cover off).

First impressions have me asking why a product like this wasn’t out sooner. Eliminating the check valve plagued with failure and adding in a machined replacement. Before the car had a lot of sluggishness when it came to boost because of the broken front PCV valve, acceleration was jumpy. Now its back to the way it was when I first replaced the PCV valve, snappy and acceleration that just goes on.

We will see how it goes in the long run but I am already much more impressed than previouse resolutions to this problem.