New Tires and oil change

Miles: 81990

I had 4 Yokohama S.Drives installed yesterday by Wheel Works on Pearl street in San Jose. The install took a bit but they were also pretty busy, when I got the car back the alignment was dead on but the steering wheel was not. I took it back and they fixed it perfectly right away. My car has never had such a good alignment since I have owned it, I was needless to say very impressed.

I have never had a summer tires before as most of my life I have lived in Massachusetts, so please take that into consideration as I am going from an all season tire to a summer one. The difference between the Goodyear F1 All Seasons and the Yokohama S.Drives was night and day. The nasty vibration I was having was gone, I knew this was partially due to weird bulbing I had in the F1’s thread but I wasn’t expecting such a dramatic difference. The next biggest thing which also was expecting but just not to this extent was the road noise, its so much quieter. I don’t have to turn up my music half as much to hear it on the highway and now I can hear my engine and exhaust so much more. I have put about 600 miles on the tires and so far and love them, lets hope they keep it up.

While getting my tires done I also got an oil change. For Christmas Mike got me some Royal Purple 5w40, freaking awesome gift! I also had some filters left over so I asked them tack on an oil change with the new tires. I normally have put in Castrol Syntec or Mobile 1 5w40 so it will be interesting to see how Royal Purple compares.

Between the two of these the car is running so much better and I am thoroughly enjoying it.