Oil Change and Cam Follower check

Miles: 91802

Oil change complete.

Checked cam follow, man do I hate getting that stupid banjo bolt off. The Cam Follower itself look fine, no excessive wear at all. I honestly could of probably put the same one back in but I already had a new one and didn’t put it in last time I checked.

I purchased the car at 58k miles and that follower I took out today was the one that I got the car with. Not sure if it was replaced before that. Thats 32k miles at the very least with barely any wear to it. I owe it to the oil I use and oil changes every 5k. The oil I use is Castrol Syntec 5w40, its available at most auto stores. These engines consume a lot of oil and I don’t think 10k is acceptable for oil change interval.

Here is the pictures of the cam follower: