Suspension and new front passenger control arm installed

Miles: 91873

Koni FSD’s, Eibach springs, and Eibach rear sway bar are now installed. The suspension still needs some settling and break in but initial results are very impressive. The car feels like it is on rails even when pushed around corners, it flows over bumps and dips instead of that slamming feeling like most after-market suspensions. Dont get me wrong its still stiff but coming from Bilstien and H&R setup on my last car this is a pleasure to drive daily. I will update tomorrow with high differences and pictures before and after.

While having the suspension was being installed my front passenger control arm was found to be bent. I knew something was up with that corner ever since I hit that pothole a while back and bent the wheel. Alignments were a challenge so I thought it was either a tie rod or control arm that had to be the issue. This delayed the car a day and cost me a bit more but no more creaking going over speed bumps anymore and my alignment is spot on now.