Car was rear ended

Miles: 93811

Last night the car was rear ended while I was at a light. I was stopped and had cars in front of me so not much I could do. Hit wasn’t hard at all, it looks like just minor cosmetic issues with the rear bumper, the panels all look to be still aligned fine.

Driver was nice which helps the situation, we reported it to our insurance agency’s and will see where it goes from there. Other driver looked like a car enthusiast too.

I will update more once the car has been appraised by the shop. I am expecting just the lower and upper rear bumper pieces to be replaced and painted.

Car is in the shop getting repaired now. As expected its just the lower and upper rear bumper. The shop I took it to was Pan American, the facility is huge and people were pretty nice. We will see how the final product comes out.

Other driver claimed full responsibility which made my life so much easier. Now I don’t have to pay my deductible or go through shenanigans to get everything right.

Another Update:
Just got the car back from the repair shop and the rear bumper looks like new. They did an excellent job matching the paint which I was very worried about.