Oil change, tires rotated and APR software update

Miles: 95812

Had my oil changed, tires rotated and APR software updated at Winn VW today. The stock and 93oct APR stg2 profile I was running were very outdated and did not include the intake manifold flapper motor fix it in. I opted to get fully loaded ECU as APR is having a sale. I ended up getting the following profiles updated and added:
91oct stg2
93oct stg2
100oct stg2

I will need to run logs again to see how the profiles compare. I am hoping the car runs a little better on the 91 profile since we don’t have 93oct here in Cali.

Winn VW was very hospitable and everyone just seemed happy. It was pretty weird for a dealership. I will definitely be using Winn VW from now on instead of Capital VW.