Intake flap motor finally done – P2008

Miles: 99904

Over the past couple of years I have been getting Intake Manifold Flap errors here and there during cold starts when I idle for a while. I knew the issue was the Intake Manifold Flap failing to do its job correctly. Its a common issue with the older flapper motors and at one point it had a Technical Service Bulletin to replace the part that has since expired. I left it like this because it wasn’t going to break anything just make cold idles a little rough.

It had been giving me a check engine light every other month or so, I just cleared it and went about as normal. This week the flapper motor is now gone enough where I get the CEL almost every startup. Its time to finally replace it. The current part number as of the writing of this is 06F 133 482 E, this is a newer part and is much cheaper than its predecessors. Here are the errors you will see if your intake flapper motor needs to be replaced.

012600 – Intake Manifold Runner Control: Regulation Deviation
P3138 – 008 – Implausible Signal – MIL ON
008200 – Intake Manifold Flap; Bank 1: Electrical Malfunction
P2008 – 001 – Upper Limit Exceeded – MIL ON

I plan on getting this replaced later this week or next week when I have have my brakes done.