Car loan payed off, title in hand

Miles: 99952

I officially have my car loan payed off and the car is now mine. The title arrived in the mail the other day which I promptly put in a safe place, well that is after looking at it with a silly grin on my face for a few minutes.

Its such a nice feeling to truly own the car now even though I have already put a lot of work into it. Funny how its just a shy under 100k as I get the title to it. I hope it continues to run just as well as it has for me. I have spent a lot replacing things but I also do a lot of preemptive work on the car to make sure its running top notch. Checking the cam following regularly, running VCDS logs regularly, mid oil change top offs, and 5k oil changes are some of the preemptive work I do.

Got a couple of more expensive replacements coming up. All the brakes and rotors next week, DSG flush at 115k and tires I will probably need before next winter. Not having a loan will surely help with this.