Brakes, Intake Flapper Motor, Oil Change and Engine Torque Mount

Miles: 99970

I had a lot done to the car at HOD this week. Brakes, Intake Motor Flap, Oil and Torque mount were all replaced.

My brakes were starting to squeal and they had not been replaced since I purchased the car at 58k miles. Not sure when they were done before then. Regardless they lasted a damn long time with my driving habits. I had OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brakes and rotors replaced all around, debated higher end pads but decided I just didn’t need them. Here are the brake part numbers.
2x Front Rotors: 1k0 615 301 AA
2x Front Pads Set: 5k0 698 151
2x Rear Rotors: 1k0 615 601 AD
2x Rear Pad Set: 1k0 698 451 G

The intake flapper motor had been giving me CEL’s for a while so it was time to get it replaced. More info on this here: Intake flap motor finally done – P2008 The version installed was 06F 133 482 E

I had the oil changed along with replacing the original engine torque mount with a Prothane one that came with my suspension.

From the 10 miles I have put on braking and shifting are smoother and cold idle is significantly better. So it looks like everything is doing its job. CEL codes P3138 and P2008 have not returned yet.