Oil change, two door latches and sunroof switch replaced

Miles: 119402

Oil Change: Standard oil change done, nothing special.

Door Latches: Over time two of my doors locking mechanism and some other features have become unreliable. Biggest issue being they just didn’t lock sometimes. The drivers door and rear passenger are the ones in question. The doors would not show as open sometimes in the dash diagram when clearly open. Also the doors puddle lights would not turn on sometimes when the door was open. These two things always happened at the same time and were clearly tied together. The other thing is the lock indicate light on the door latch was always on, regardless if the door was locked or not.

The resolution was to replace the door latches on each of the two doors. Front drivers side door is 3B1 837 015 AT and rear passenger side is 3B4 839 016 AP

I would get codes triggered that VCDS (formerly VagCom) would pick up some codes but reading online these cars produce door locking codes sometimes even when working perfectly fine, so don’t just make the decision to replace door latch due to these.

Sunroof Switch: Sunroof was randomly opening and closing. Heat seemed to play a big role in this and when I pushed on the switch it would go to the correct position. I verified that the sunroof rails were clean of debris (common problem on MKIV’s) and that no errors were occurring that VCDS could find. Replaced switch, part number 1K0 959 613 A REJ. So far the issue has not happened again