Maintenance and CEL

Miles: 142597

A Check engine light came on so I pulled the codes with my VCDS and the following was the issue:
008577 – Performance Malfunction in Cooling System
P2181 – 008 – – MIL ON

Coolant temp sensor was done and needed to be replaced. Come to find out my old shop closed down so I needed to find a new one to do things other than oil changes. Ended up picking Precision Motorworks mostly due to the fact that it also supplied my APR software I used and wanted to get that updated at the same time.

So scheduled and appointment for the following

  • Fix CEL
  • Update APR software
  • Fix door locking issue with passenger side front and driver side rear.

Brought it in and was so far happy with the service, they did an amazing workup on the car with pictures and severity levels on everything broken. Most I knew about like the brakes and some grommet joints in the suspension but one that I did was the head gasket was leaking. So I added that to the list of things to fix also. The rest I told them not to bother with.

Got the car back and it was running great, all issues at hand were solved except the rear door lock which I will bring up next time I go.