Lots of fixes and acceptance

Miles: 144408

Took the car in for a airbag light. Pulled the code and it was the steering wheel airbag, I deemed the car not safe to drive at this point. Figured it was the clock spring and not the airbag itself. Closest appointment they had was 6 days out, I took it anyways.

Also had them fix the rear driver side door lock, secondary key programmed, alarm siren which doesn’t make a sound and since im only 600 miles away an oil change.

Well everything but the siren got fixed that Friday, they needed to order a module which wasn’t available locally so wouldn’t arrive till the following Tuesday. Actually it didn’t arrive til Wednesday and also didn’t solve the problem. Over the next week and a half they worked with VW engineers and other resources to try and nail down the issue. Central convenience module was also replaced in this process which didn’t solve the problem. The siren can be activated manually and the model sends the signal but together they didn’t seem to work. In the end im going to give up on it, the shop did a great job and I believe that its not worth the money to try and solve.

I also ended up having a few other things fixed too while waiting for the siren issue. Timing belt was replaced as well as belt tensioner. AC was recharged, as well as left and right lower control arm bushings