Out with the old, in with the new

Traded in the GLI today, man its sad to see it go. What a great car it has been.
Picked up a 2016 GTI SE Performance Package with Lighting Package. Got a pretty great deal on it, didn’t get as much as I wanted for the GLI but its inline with KBB. The sales team was surprisingly awesome but I made sure to keep a wave of pressure on them during the whole process. This will be my third silver car and more specifically my second Reflex Silver. I was also open to their gray and blue but silver is what they had in stock.

After seeing what APR does with a stg1 91 tune with no supporting mods and the LSD on the Performance Package I cant say im going to regret not getting the R.

APR tests the stock tune on 91 as follows at the crank:
230hp 258ft-lbs (vw claim 210 stock and 220 w/PP)

Their 91 stage 1 software is:
305hp 371ft-lbs…

Here is the link to APR’s site: http://www.goapr.com/products/ecu_upgrade_20tsi_gen3_mqb.html

Those are pretty close to stock Golf R numbers with just a software flash, the car will be lighter and the LSD should do what I wanted the AWD for out here with our weather conditions. The car I got is 10k cheaper than the R, since no dealer is budging from MSRP. The new MQB platform GTI is a little over 350lbs lighter than the GLI too.

Plan is software and maybe…. a boost gauge, replace tires when they wear and thats pretty much it. I test drove both the normal SE and one with the Performance Package. Tires made no sound and was much smoother around the corners with the PP than the model without so I was sold on it after that. Lighting package was just a freebie I got, sure the xenon’s and LED headlights are nice but I dont need them.

The options I did not get which were available on the Autobahn edition were Navigation in the headunit (Normal headunit allows for navigation through cell phone being displayed on the headunit), collision sensors(still have backup camera) and Dynamic Chassis Control (changes the dampening characteristics of the suspension) Dont really think those were were the extra $5k, nor did I want to pay any more than I did.

Reason for finally trading in was cost of repairs recently vs a new load were about the same. I also really wanted something with a hatch for ease of use with my bike equipment.

Once I get pictures I will add them.