Roof Rack installed

Miles: 1298

Hey look its my first mod on the new MK7 GTI! I installed the OEM roof rack today.

One thing to note is there are two Golf roof racks.
5G4-071-126 – 4 Door
5G3-071-126 – 2 Door

Make sure you purchase the correct one, some online shops can be confusing on which is which.

The rack mounts the same as the one I had on the MK5 GLI but has some differences. The bars themselves are slimmer and more aerodynamic. There is now keys to lockup the mechanism that you use to take it on and off. A torque wrench allen key comes with it which is much better than that funky security one they had before. The weather stripping that goes down the center channel is smaller and more flush, never mind easier to get in the channel.

Its a great rack and im glad I didn’t spend twice the price for the Thule or Yakima racks. I will get some picture up as soon as I can.

Updated 02/08/16:
Here are the pictures with the roof rack on: