Guide: LED license plate lights replacement

The standard OEM incandescent bulb they use for the license plate on the MK7 are pretty awful considering how many great LED’s they used in the interior of the car as well as the fog lights. I purchased their cheaper LED’s and used VCDS to get rid of the error. deautokey LED license plate

If you do go for the ones that you need VCDS to code, its best to do it first. So skip this section if you dont need to code. When selecting channels there are many that look similar to make sure you have the correct one.

  1. Click “Select Control Module”
  2. Click “09-Cent. Elect.”
  3. Click “Security Access”
  4. Enter 31347 and click “Do It”
  5. Use the Channel dropdown to find the following “(1)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lasttyp 25”
  6. Change this to 43 and click “Do It”
  7. Use the Channel dropdown to find the following “(6) Leuchte25KZL HA59 – Dimmwert AB 25”
  8. Change this to 127 and click “Do It”

So now onto replacing the license plate bulbs:

  1. On the right side of each light enclosure is a tab, press it inward and pull down. Careful, don’t yank it as the wires are sometimes taut. IMG_2908
  2. Twist the power adapter counter clockwise from the enclosure. IMG_2909
  3. There will be two nubs on the power adapter that correlate to holes on the enclosure, line them up and it should come right out with the light. Careful, these things can be HOT!  IMG_2912
  4. Pull the bulb straight out. When dealing with incandescent bulbs you do not want oils from your hands to get on them, I used a paper towel between my fingers and bulb. IMG_2914
  5. Now just replace with the LED and reverse the process.


  • Hit the unlock button on your key, this should kick on the lights. If it doesn’t you may need to flip the LED around as they are polarized.
  • Now that you verified both light up start the car to see if you get any errors. If you do you will need VCDS as I did to code out the resist error.

Here were my original settings:

Address 09:5Q0 937 087 AA recoded (ADP-(1)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lasttyp 25) from 18 – 2* 5W to 43 – allgemeine LED
Address 09:5Q0 937 087 AA recoded (ADP-(6)-Leuchte25KZL HA59-Dimmwert AB 25) from 100 to 127