Loss of pressure, please check tire pressure

Miles: 9212

A warning came up on the cluster panel as well as the MIB II screen. It read “Loss of pressure, please check tire pressure”. I checked the tire pressure with a my tire gauge and they were all about 37PSI give or take a PSI, so the warning didnt make sense to me. I used the MIB II panel to reset it by:

  • Press the CAR button
  • Then touch the gear Setting in the bottom right
  • Tap Tires
  • Tap Set and confirm

What this will do is turn off the warning and monitor the tires current status for an unknown amount of miles,  checking how the tires are behaving their status will be considered “good”. So if you do this when the tire is still flat or not in a good state it will considered “Good”. Once you fix the tire it will be considered “bad” now that it has changed again.

The MK7 does not use TMPS (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors) that are in the tire/wheel. It actually uses the ABS system to measure the rotational speed of the tire. If a tires rotational speed differs from what it expected it throws a warning. Now one can assume the tire wear can eventually throw this system off or consistent spirited driving around corners. I believe this later theory is what caused my warning.