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Recall: Suction Pump replaced under warranty

Miles: 24346

For the early 2015-2016 Golf/GTI/A3’s there is a fuel suction pump recall.

NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 15V229
Manufacturer : Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.
Make / Model Years : AUDI / 2015
Subject : Improper Plating may cause Fuel Pump to Fail

I personally didn’t have any issues with mine that I noticed but always good to get these sort of thing fixed. Some users reported fuel being ejected from the fuel tank on fillup or use of car. After reading a lot of threads on the issue its best to have as little fuel as possible in your tank before you take it in. This makes it easier on the mechanic which gets you out faster and has less chance of problems. As with most I did notice a slight fuel like smell in the car when I got it back, I expect it to dissipate over the next day or so.