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Guide: MK7 GTI EA888 Gen3 intake snow guard removal

As I have mentioned before the stock intake for the GTI is very good and only needs a high-performance filter and the snow guard removed to match most aftermarket intakes. What this will give you is a little (very little) more sound of the turbo and possibly more airflow. The plastic piece is designed to evenly distribute air across your filter and/or prevent snow/slush from sitting on your filter. The purpose has been debated a lot. You can always put the snow guard back after if you want afterward if you change your mind. If you live in a region that has snow and slush you may want to refrain from removing this.

I have already written a guide before on how to replace the intake filter so I will spare repeating you the details and pick up at the end of that guide.

So let’s pop the hood and get started.

  1. Follow this guide and remove the air filter 
  2. You may be able to do this without the next few steps by skipping to step 5 but for more room to work with you may want to remove the intake cover.
  3. Disconnect the intake pipe from the box by using a pair of pliers to loosen the clamp and slide out the intake box
  4. Squeeze and pull the secondary hose in the passenger side of the box if you have one. Early MK7 GTI models dont. You can leave the smaller rubber tube attached. 
  5. Now you should see the snow guard that was below the filter. There are four points all the way around in the middle-ish on each side of the snow guard where its snug. I took a pair of pliers and pull straight up on the drivers side one to loosen it.
  6. Work you way around clockwise until the snow guard pops out.
  7. Reverse closing up everything and you are all set.

Give it a test run and enjoy!