Guide: How to replace spark plugs on the EA888 Gen3

Replacing your spark plugs is a pretty simple task that doesn’t require jacking up the car or getting to hard to reach areas. This is great for someone who is starting out in car maintenance. This should take about 30 minutes or so depending on how comfortable you are. The coil pack clips are probably the only part that you really need to be careful of because they are just plastic and can break. 

As of the writing of this the stock plugs are: 06K-905-611-C and is recommended to change ever 60k. If you have performance modifications to your car I suggest you do it much sooner like 30k, heck they are cheap enough do them at 30k anyways.

In the pictures im removing the stock plugs and putting in the Audi RS7 plugs which are one heat range cooler and good for tunes.


  • Deep socket: 10mm
  • Deep socket: 16mm
  • Socket extension(s)
  • Medium flathead screw driver
  • Spark plug gapper/feeler.
  • Torque wrench

Now that you have the tools here is what you will need to do:

Before we get started lets verify that the gaps on the plugs are correct. The OEM plugs are pre-gapped and should be correct but as some users have found some are off. Use your spark plug gapper to check that they are at .028. If you are using the RS7 plugs or other one heat range cooler plugs, check what they should be but most of the time they are .024-.025.

  1. Remove the engine cover, grab the left and right side and rock it back and forth. There are four rubber sockets that you will pulling posts out of.
  2. Unclip the power hardness from the coil packs. Stick a flathead screwdriver in the slot and pry it forward like pictured. The plastic will bend a bit, just do it carefully. You may hear a click as it lets go. It also cant hurt to push forward a bit on the power adapter while prying forward. They will have a suction like feel coming off.
  3. Use the 10mm socket to remove the ground bolt and slip off the ground wire. You only want to remove the top one at this time.
  4. Use the same 10mm deep socket to remove the bolt that was below the ground wire you took off previously, this releases the coil pack.
  5. Now you can pull up the coil packs, wiggle them till they loosen up. They are suctioned down so you will here a pop when they release.
  6. Add the extension(s) onto the 16mm deep socket to get down to the spark plugs and turn it counter clockwise to loosen it. I have a extendable magnet to get down and pick up the spark plug but you can also use the coil pack to do it.
  7. Replace the plug and tighten clockwise. Use your torque wrench to tighten it down at 18 ft-lbs (25 Nm). Make them snug but dont overdo it. I find giving it a small counter clockwise twist first and going back to clockwise helps with aligning the threads so you dont cross thread.

Reverse the process and you are all set. It may start up a little harsh at first as all the impurities are burned off the plugs and the ECU adapts. It should smooth out rather quickly the next time you drive the car.