Anker Roav dash cam installed

My commute can be pretty crazy and some people can be idiots so I decided to get a dash cam to help out if any issuance issues that may come about. Based on a recommendation I decided on the Anker Roav as it had all the features I wanted at a reasonable price. 

Installation was very simple and you can find a video here on how to do it. I routed mine all through the trim to the center console and use the power outlet there. I needed to purchase a .5 meter USB extension cable to get it to reach nicely. This port does power off when you get out of the car

Once installed you can either use its built in screen or connect to it via wifi from your phone using the Roav app to configure it. Connecting to it by wifi via the Roav app is also how you view and remove videos it has on it. Getting video off is a simple as either taking the micro sd card out or connecting your phone to it and pulling the videos off through the Roav app. 

It has some great features I was not expecting like Parking Monitor which senses jolts in the car and starts recording, like if someone hit you in a parking lot.

The camera itself is surprisingly crisp and clear, great for license plate numbers I have not done a good night test yet but daytime is great. It has a great wide view that does capture a lot.

Here are some example videos from it:

As you can see the video it takes is nice and you can see the details you need for any issues you may have. This is especially a good example because of the lighting due to the time of day in this one is especially harsh and I can still make out license plates.

So far I have been very happy with it and do recommend it.



Had a tire on a car in front of me explode and caught it on the cam. Here is the video:

Video Review: