Installed: Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ installed

Miles: 41542

Finally was able to remove the stock Bridgestone RE97AS. They stock tires were acceptable but not great, and I was looking forward to getting rid of them.

After going through a few ideas for new tires I eventually decided on the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+. After reading through personal reviews and tire rack ratings they seemed like the right choice. I decided against summer tires as I need longer lasting tires due to my commute and also commute over mountains which can freeze. 

Since I just got them today I dont have an option yet, I will let you know once I have a few thousand on them.

Here is the video review of them:

Update 1: Once I got the mold residue off the tires I gave them a good run up in the mountains. I have to say these are easily the best all season tires I have had. The grip I would say are even better than the summer tires I have use previously. I had to try very hard to break them free. This is also partially due to the spark based traction control my Cobb gives me. 

Its to the point where they grip better around corners than I feel comfortable going around on. Its clearly time for a driver upgrade, not car.