Front Pads and Rotors as well as Sunroof Technical Bulletin

Miles: 47538

Took the car to the dealer today for front brakes to be done. Pads and rotors are being replaced. Normally with my previous cars I would be looking into third party pads and rotors but the Performance Package brakes have been great and no desire to change them.

(2x) 5Q0-615-301-G – Performance Pack Rotors

(2x) 8V0-698-151-C – Brake Pads

(1x) 8V0-615-437 – Front Brake Pad Wear Sensor

I was also notified that there was an open Technical Bulletin for my Sunroof. This isn’t a recall but was still offered to me as a preventative fix for leaking. Mine has been great, no leaks or creaking so I was hesitant to agree but reluctantly did. We will see how it turns out.

5GM-898-041-A – Repair kit

The following notes were include on my invoice “Tech checked for cracks. No cracks found. Tech installed protective patches.” The part itself seems to be under $2 but the labor was quoted as 3 hours by my tech. All covered, I didnt pay anything.

Here is a copy of the Technical Bulletin: