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RS3 Coilpacks installed

Miles: 58832

Installed the coil packs from the Audi RS3 today. Some have had decent results with them reducing knock and smoothing idle. Part# 06H-905-110-G. The coil packs I am replacing are: Part# 06K-905-110-K. These coil packs are known to have some problems so I wasn’t too sad to replace them.

Installation is simple and you can use the spark plug guide I wrote here on how to do it:

As others said on the forums idle was noticeably smoother. I am running the same spark plugs for this test, the Buru RS7 spark plugs. I have a pair of NGK RS7 plugs ready to go but didnt want to change too many things at once.

The other thing I noticed was how smooth and strong acceleration was. I dont have stats to back it up but it sure does feel a lot better. This is all in prep for getting my next Cobb protune done.

I picked up the coils and plugs as a kit from HS Tuning: