Cobb customer service experience

I have contacted Cobb’s customer service a few times with little easy questions but recently I had one that was more puzzling.

When their spark based traction control first came out I was a very early adopter. Freektune kindly added it to my tune and was using it within days of it being announced. BTW you should get this addon if you are protuned, its fantastic. Helped with wheel hop and obviously traction. The OTS tunes do not come with it.

After a few firmware updates to the Access Port the option to modify the traction control stopped working. I would get the error “this map file currently flashed to the ECU does not support this feature” Did a bunch of testing with flashing different profiles and back including unmerrying the AP and then re-flashing it. All of which didn’t work. My assumption was one of the firmware updates to the Access Port broke the feature for me since the protune files themselves never changed. I also ran an MD5 check between the original protune file I got from Freektune and the one that was being used on my AP. They were the same.

Contacted my Freektune and as expected, he did not see any problems. So then I sent a support request to Cobb. I explained everything I had tried and they sent me some more profiles to try out all with the same results. An AP update then came along talking about TC fix and was super excited this would fix it but sadly not. In the end, we had about 10 back and forth communications and what finally solved it was asking Freektune to resave my protune with the latest version of Access Tuner (The tool that protuners use to make the tunes) that had a fix for me issue in it and that did the trick. I was now able to select the traction control option with the AP again.

Both Cobb and Freektune were great during this troubleshooting and actively worked on solving it instead of passing me off or giving me generic things to try.

Needless to say top notch customer service from both parties.