Guide: Felt lined drivers side cubby

The driver side cubby on the MK7 although cool is just plastic and anything hard you put in it rattles around. To solve this I decided to line the cubby with felt.

Its very easy to take out as it is designed to be to access the fuses behind it. Just open it and pull up and out toward you. You can see the two places where it clips on in these pictures.

I went to the crafts store and picked up a sheet of felt that was sticky on one side.  What I did was vaguely cut shapes and test fit them repeatedly trimming what I needed until they fit. I did one piece for each of the 4 sides and two smaller ones for the more obscure corners in the back near the SD slot and the other side of the latch. Here is the end product.

As you can see not perfect but will surely help. It didn’t take more more than 15 minutes and $2.50 worth of felt.