DSG stuck in sport mode or shifting later in hot weather

Something that comes up from time to time in hotter climates is the DSG transmission shifting will change to shift later in the RPM range than normal, which feels like its  stuck in sport mode all the time.

If the TCU (Transmission control unit) reads the outside temperature as 110 degrees Fahrenheit or higher it will implement safety precautions lettings shifts hang longer in the RPM range before shifting. This can feel similar to like when its in sport mode and is designed to protect the transmission. Its completely normal and totally fine. I wouldn’t at this point be doing any track days when its in this state, but any normal driving shouldn’t cause any problems. No warming lights will appear on your dash when this happens. If any lights do appear the issue may be more severe and you should take it into the dealer ASAP.

This thing specially happened to be a couple of times on my MK5 GLI and once on my MK7 GTI both DSG trans. I live in an area of California that get 110+ days only a couple of times a year, if at all. First time I was scared as replacing a DSG trans is not cheap but in reality its the transmission doing what it can to make itself as reliable a possible.