Hit and run, front bumper

Miles: 70634

Noticed today that my front bumper was banged up. Looked like someone backed into me at some point, cant figure out when/where. Here is what it looked like:

Not too bad but sure was a hit. I ended up taking the front bumper off to inspect for damage. Bumper foam was fine, did not need to be replaced and nothing structural was a problem. Surprisingly no tabs were broken, so I was able to snap it all back together. The black plastic above the painted lip was cracked through as well as one support fin. Barely noticeable once all put back together. 

I decided its good enough and wont be dealing with insurance or repairing it. Its structurally sound and just minor cosmetic blemishes. The front is already pitted allover from rock chips so im not too angry about it. Sad it had to happen but what can you do, its no show car.