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Brakes, DSG fluid, LSD fluid and Oil

Miles: 79140

Dropped the car off today for maintenance at a local shop. The following was done.

  • Brakes front and rear rotors and pads replaced. Stoptech Axel Pack which is same size rotors using existing brake calipers.
  • DSG flush
  • Haldex VAQ (LSD) fluid change
  • Oil change

I had replaced the front rotors and pads at 45k miles and left the rear. So the rears are original with almost 80k they were done and the fronts wore quicker making up for their shortcomings. For the same price as OEM rotors and pads I could also get Stoptech Axel Pack which I opted for. I didn’t dislike the OEM setup, just trying something new. They look really slick, need to bed them in tomorrow.

The LSD fluid change isn’t listed on maintenance in the US in miles but instead 3 years but is set for 30k or 3 years in Europe. The unit is a Haldex VAQ. This ended up being the first one my shop had done.

The shop told me the tires were low and needed to be replaced. I have 35k on them and believe they are warrantied for 45k. So made an appointment for next weekend for a rotation and to evaluate to see if they need to be replaced early.