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Stoptech direct replacement Rotors and Pads for Performance Pack

I picked up and installed Stoptech’s replacement rotors and pads for the VW MK7 GTI PP (performance pack). Quick note the performance pack has bigger rotors front (340mm vs 312mm) and rear (310mm vs 272mm) than non-performance pack models. So make sure you order the correct parts for your model. They do make sets for both types.

Here is the front 340mm rotors

Here is the rear 310mm rotors

Here are the part numbers for what I ordered for my PP setup:

  • 128.33144L – Sport Cross Drilled Brake Rotor 340mm (Front Left)
  • 128.33144R – Sport Cross Drilled Brake Rotor 340mm (Front Right
  • 128.33113L – Sport Cross Drilled Brake Rotor 310mm (Rear Left)
  • 128.33113R – Sport Cross Drilled Brake Rotor 310mm (Rear Right)
  • 309.16330 – Sport Performance Front Brake Pads
  • 309.17610 – Sport Performance Rear Brake Pads

You will find that this setup is only slightly more than what it would cost to replace with OEM Performance Pack rotors and pads. They also have different styles of rotors available too drilled, slotted or in my case both drilled and slotted.

The slots and drilled portion of the rotors are there to remove heat and debris from your brakes as well as increase braking ability. They can wear quicker due to this and not all setups can take advantage of the cooling properties if the wheel well gets heat soaked and doesn’t have good air flow. They sure look a lot better drilled and slotted and I ended up going that route.

There is also a lot of debate for bedding in new brake pads. This I suggest doing your own research on it and follow the manufactures suggestions. I wasn’t able to quickly find Stoptech’s suggestion for bedding pads. The method I used was 9 medium/hard braking sessions one right after the other from 60mph to 30mph. The point of bedding brakes is to heat them up and transfer a layer of material between them as well as burning off impurities.

Before bedding the braking felt similar to the OEM rotors and pads, but once bedded procedure completed the grip and catching of the brakes increased noticeably. Initial light pressing of the brake is not jarring or overly aggressive like track setups, but once more force is applied they really grab and take hold well. They have not made a single squeak or noise yet which is awesome, another undesirable feature of track pads I didn’t want.

I went these pads for daily driving and spirited runs in the mountains on the weekends. These are not for track use and would not hold up well but could be ok for occasional auto crossing depending on the course setup. These pads do produce a little dust but not as much as the OEM pads. If you want almost no dust ceramic is the way to go but typically don’t brake the same and squeak. Again do your research and find what suites you best.

So far I only have 1k miles on these and will update again later with how they are wearing and any changes in braking characteristics. Im loving them and glad I opted to spend a little more for them.