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Installed Neuspeed Power Module on the Tiguan

Miles: 18798

A friend recently sold his MK7 GTI and I purchased his Neuspeed Power Module for a reasonable price. Even though he used this on a GTI it also is compatible with many other cars from VW/Audi including the girlfriends Tiguan. She doesn’t want to flash the ECU so a piggyback like the Neuspeed Power Module or Burger Motorsport JB1 is a fine choice. The Power Module has two settings first for premium fuel and the other for race fuel. You can flip between these with toggle settings on the Power Module itself.

What I mean by piggyback is no software is changed on the car instead this device goes between some key components and the ECU and hijacks the signal and modifies them accordingly. You can read more about different types of tunes and piggybacks here.

Depending on the engine the Power Module adds different amounts of HP and TQ. In the Tiguans case its an EA888 Gen3b Budack cycle engine and should add an additional 30 HP and 55 TQ. Its very similar to the EA888 Gen3 engine in my MK7 GTI but designed more for efficiency.

Installation is relatively simple and doesn’t require many tools. Here is the Neuspeed instructions for installation. Install took me about 15 minutes most of which was feeling around and contorting my arm to get at the lower connection.

Right away you notice a difference in how the Tiguan accelerates. The Power Module is perfect for a daily driver vehicle as it doesn’t add an excessive amount of power but definitely wakes up this car which most say is under powered. It then can be easily removed for when you take it in for maintenance. We are using 91oct here in California so I have the Power Module set for premium fuel on its toggles.