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EQT E30 Stage 1 GTI tune

EQT has finally released their E30 tune for the MK7 GTI and also happened to have it on sale so I picked it up. Unlike my custom 91oct dyno tune this E30 tune a “staged” tune as EQT calls it or OTS (off the shelf) tune as Cobb says. Its not custom for my car specifically but for the MK7 GTI in general. There is no dyno involved or logging, you just flash it to your car with your AP and done. I have heard EQTs staged tunes are 90% to a custom tune, but this isn’t confirmed.

I don’t have E85 right around the corner from me, its actually a 15 minute drive so it would be a waste to spend the money on a custom E30 or E85 tune. But I do occasionally mix E85 with 91oct to get about an E30 and would like to take better advantage of it. You can find more info about the EQT’s staged tunes here. And for more information on E85 and and mixing you can read up on E85 here and testing the content of E85 here.

Here is the log from a 3rd gear pull with the E30 tune. My car is mostly stock with RS7 spark plugs, Revo TIP, K&N filter and more importantly AMS Intercooler.

And here the log for my EQT 91oct custom dyno tune with the same hardware setup.

Ed@EQT estimates the staged E30 tune to have about a 30hp gain over the staged 91oct tune. I sure believe it too, the sudden rush of torque and acceleration is exhilarating. Once the initial launch is over it pulls very smoothly and consistently all the way to redline. Well worth the cost of the tune and hassle of mixing E85 to achieve.