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Osram D3S Cool Blue Intense


My passenger side low beam headlight bulb keeps wigging out while driving. The shade of color is also off so likely the bulb itself is dying. Instead of replacing with OEM bulb N10721805 which is made by Hella I chose to go with Osram Cool Blue Intense 66340CBI-HCB. The xenon lights on the lighting package use D3S for their low beam bulbs. These are not cheap like the H7 bulbs in the standard headlight housing. Since im going with a different bulb, both low beam bulbs will be getting replaced so they match.

Replacing these is not trivial, you actually need to take the headlight housing out to properly replace the bulbs. You cant really access the back plate with it in place, never mind undo the 5 screws. Here is a video I found that goes over the process.

Here is the bulb in question that was having issues, not the white spot on the glass tube.

The headlight would bulb turn on for a few seconds and turn right back off an repeat. Just about when the bulb would get warm enough light wise it would turn off. No errors on the dash appeared.

They seem to be a bit more brighter than the OEM bulbs which is what I wanted. They are not very blue which is a good thing for me, I wanted functional bulbs not looks. Glad I didn’t go with the Cool Blue Boost as they would of been more blue and not as illuminating.