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Picked Up The Skoda Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap

After popping the hood to the Tiguan to check fluids we noticed the cap on the windshield washer fluid reservoir was missing. No clue how long it’s been like that or how long it’s been gone. I remembered seeing people post about importing a Skoda (VAG brand car not offered in the US) windshield washer reservoir cap due to its unique design.

Part number is 6V0955485 which I ordered off of eBay here. This ships from the Czech Republic so it takes a while to arrive.

Here is the Skoda cap opened and then closed on our Tiguan.

The design is neat as it kind of folds over on itself. It’s much more interesting than the standard cap. Install is as simple as popping it onto the neck of the tanks fill tube. The fairly cheap, odd-designed, and functional OEM part makes this a pretty sweet addition.

It’s always fun finding something unique like this that isn’t normally offered in your area.