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EQT Pro Coil Grounding Kit Installed and fixed broken coil connector

Initially, I just did a quick crimp repair on the ground eyelet that broke just to get me running again. This option worked but wasn’t solid enough for my liking. I’m worried about the connector degrading in the harsh engine environment with time. The real fix I’m doing is more expensive but solves the initial issue so it won’t happen again. The tuning shop I use EQT came up with this solution, you replace the 4 small ground cables from each of the coil connectors and add in their ground cable which routes to a factory ground bolt behind the passenger headlight. They offer two kits, one retains eyelets connecting just as before to the coil packs post while their pro kit needs de-pinning of the coil connector but doesn’t use those coil pack posts. I opted for the pro kit since I’m already de-pining one of the coil connectors (4D0-971-994) to replace a broken one I hamfisted long ago. Likely with either kit, you will want to de-pin the old ground cables but it’s technically not needed for the regular kit.

Top Left: EQT Pro Coil Ground Cable | Top Right: OEM Ground cables

Bottom Left: de-pinning tools | Bottom Right: Coil connector /w de-pin tool

Left: coil connectors with EQT cable installed | Right: Chassis ground location

I won’t go over the install instructions as that’s covered on the EQT page as well as some great Youtube videos by users. I will say that installation was easy as long as you have the right tools. De-pin tool is the only special tool you need, the rest are fairly common tools used when working on cars. I like the design, the way it works and I believe it’s a better setup than the OEM was. Utilizing the factory ground location was brilliant. With the pro kit not having to take the ground eyelets off the post every time I want to change spark plugs solves my issue. Some have been implementing this cable to reduce knock but for me, it was just to fix my stupid mistake. I had a friend asked why the car didn’t come this way from the factory and I’m sure the answer is cost, like most things. Even saving pennies is worth it in car design and this solution requires much more wiring than the OEM option.

The cabling itself is very high quality. Everything was nice tight, clean, and well made. Connectors going into the coil connector looks exactly like OEM ones and even the cable shrink was the same brand as the OEM. If you break your current ground cables or are trying to solve a phantom knock issue that spark plugs and coil packs have not fixed, give this ground cable a try.