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Battery replaced, Duralast Platinum AGM

Miles: 116178

Found the car to be completely dead today when I came out to it. The last battery a Duracell AGM didn’t last long, just a few months before 3 years it died. It had been having issues with draining for the last two years and recently was tested at 377 of its 600 Cold-cranking amps after doing an overnight trickle charge. I left the battery on a trickle charge for 5 hours but made no progress taking a charge and pronounced it dead.

This time around I went for a slightly bigger battery from the stock H5 to an H6. The stock battery bracket supports this size of battery but the cloth cover does not, I didn’t care for the cloth cover anyways. I went with a Duralast Platinum AGM Battery H6-AGM Group Size 48 760 CCA this time around. It was readily available locally and meet my needs.

We have plans to move to a colder climate soon so its not a horrible time for a battery to die. One less thing I have to worry about.