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Windshield cracked, hope the install turns out well

After letting the car sit for a few days I had planned to get it inspected so I can get the car registered in Colorado. Started driving and noticed a glint just past the passenger side near the rearview mirror. I found a pretty large crack that went from beyond the view past the mirror to the edge of the glass where the rearview mirror meets the roof. Well, that sure won’t pass inspection. Scheduled an appointment with Safelite the following week.

This is something I have been dreading, I have heard so many horror stories of bad glass replacements either with glass quality or installation. There is also the issue with different glass for different tech packages on the same model. Mostly the difference is due to the sensor in the rearview mirror and what features it has. The glass on this car is known to be pretty soft and mine had lots of chips and pits all over it so I’m not too disappointed to have to change it out. It’s more the process and chance of error I was worried about. Bad fitment or incorrect sealing is another one of my worries I had and something that can’t always be found on installation but later on next time it rains.

After getting the car back everything seemed ok. No excess glue, the weather stripping was good and the window had even gaps. They even put my dashcam back on though in a bit different location, but it works. The windshield part number was FW04119 and the brand name on it was Pilkington. So not OEM but due to how soft the OEM glass was I’m not too disappointed in this. We will see how it goes.