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Parcel shelf and glove box installed in the beetle

Installing is a bit of an exaggeration when it comes to the parcel shelf. I more placed it behind the rear bench to cover the cavity. This shelve does have holes in the underlying wood for speakers, but I think I wont be puncturing the pleather to put in speakers in the rear. This turned out great and looks amazing, im very pleased with it.

The next item was the glove box container. The original glove box insides were cardboard so its very common for them to be missing or severely degraded. You can find ABS plastic replacements that will last a lot longer.

Installing the glove box did not start out great. The hamfisted idiot I am, I tried to drill out the hole in the strap that holds the glove box in place to be a bit larger and tore it clean off. So I fabricated a brace along with a couple more bolts to put it back together. Then I was finally able to install the glove box. I routed the USB cable from the radio into the glove box for ease of storing a USB stick with music on it.

Another productive morning working on the beetle. It sure is coming along.