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Likely fuel pump issue with Hodgepodge

Last oil change was pretty sludgy which was odd since it was done 8month/400miles ago. Since this engine is pretty simple the only two things to get introduced and cause the sludge would be water or fuel. Water is less likely as its an air cooled engine and I live in a desert climate area stored in a garage. Fuel was the likely cause.

I ran the engine for another 50 miles on the new oil and drained it to find it very black with some fine metal coloring swirled in it. Clearly the issue was still happening and its bad. Not sure if I have damaged the engine beyond repair or not yet. I pulled the fuel pump and noticed in the bottom where the rod meets the foot on the pump there was no grease at all left. I had packed this cavity pretty good with grease when I installed it. So the assumption is fuel is leaking down into the engine from this area.

I have ordered a new pump and changed the oil again. Plan is to install this new pump and run the engine for another 50 miles and change the oil to see how it looks. Hopefully this solves the issue and the engine wear from the fuel being in the oil didn’t cause too much damage.

If the engine is damaged im not too sure how I will handle that. Cheapest option is to rebuild the existing and likely converting it from the 1300 it is currently to a 1641 or similar. This is an area I have not done enough research on myself and likely would have to farm it out to our local air cooled shop. Still an expensive option even if it is the cheapest. The other is to pick up and existing used engine off the marketplace. This option is more risky as you never know what issues you are inheriting and your options are only whats currently available for sale. Based on what I have seen the 1500cc+ engines seem to be pretty expensive and having my local shop rebuild my existing is probably the safer option.

I really don’t want to replace the engine at this time so I am hoping for the best.

Update: Fuel pump has been replaced. Gave it a quick run to verify everything is working correctly and didn’t encounter any issues. Now to put some more miles on it and check/replace the oil next weekend to see how it looks.